Workshops & Satellite Meetings

Deadline for workshop and satellite meetings application submissions: 30 November 2022.

A satellite meeting of ICHG 2023 is any meeting pertaining to any discipline within human genetics, which is to be organised by a group (e.g. scientific community or structure) and independent of the 14th International Congress of Human Genetics (ICHG 2023).

Which formats?

  • scientific (e.g. symposia or workshops)
  • special social function (e.g. anniversary or awards)
  • business meeting (e.g. general assembly)
  • workshop (hands-on / interactive session with smaller audiences)

When & where?

  • pre-congress
  • during-congress
  • post-congress

Pre- and post-congress meetings are typically held a number of days preceding or following the main congress.

A venue is usually selected not too far from the main congress venue, allowing timeous and affordable travel for delegates to/from the main congress.

There are many suitable venues at game parks, wine estates, coastal hotels, etc. around Cape Town. Some may also prefer venues further away at larger national parks or other locations.

How to organise? Risks and benefits?

Groups who wish to organise a satellite meeting are encouraged to identify South African representatives to serve as local organising committee (LOC).

All administration, organisation, finances and communication are to be handled by the LOC and ultimately remain the responsibility of the organising group. All risk, losses, surplus or profits are for the organising group only. The ICHG 2023 LOC and ISPC does not take on any responsibilities or tasks.

Industry-related satellite symposia

Industry related satellite symposia are to be booked separately and will be charged for according to the sponsorship opportunities document, which can be downloaded here

How to register with ICHG 2023

The satellite meeting can register with ICHG 2023 to be formally recognized free of charge for human genetics related non-profit organisations, associations and member societies (see registration form below).

Any assistance needed?

In addition, you may request the ICHG 2023 organisers to provide limited assistance with the identification of a venue, bookings, accommodation and promotion of the meeting to ICHG 2023 delegates, all at minimal additional cost.