Ms Nabeelah Peerbhai

Supervisors: Ms Nabeelah Peerbhai, University of Cape Town

Country of Origin: South Africa

Project Title: Patient Perspectives of Sickle Cell Disease Care in Casualty Units of South African Hospitals

Project Description:
Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a chronic, hereditary blood disorder that is highly prevalent in Sub-Saharan Africa. Patients affected by SCD can experience multiple, life-threatening complications resulting in the need for frequent emergency care. Western studies have reported poorer experiences by SCD patients when seeking care during a vaso-occlusive crisis compared to other chronic conditions. Disparities in empathy, courtesy, information giving as well as the quality of pain management delivered were noted. This study aims to investigate the perceived experiences of adult patients with SCD who present for care to the casualty departments of South African hospitals. This research project will use a mixed methods approach; initially conducting a survey interview with 50-70 SCD patients. Thereafter, interviews with 10-20 participants, using open-ended questions will be conducted to explore their experiences in more detail. Data obtained quantitatively will be analyzed using statistical tools while data obtained qualitatively will be explored via thematic analysis, using a phenomenological approach. The study hopes to provide patient insights that can assist in improving their experiences in casualty units.