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Dr Samuel Mawuli Adadey

Project Title: Exome sequencing of families from Ghana reveals known and candidate hearing impairment genes

Country of Origin: United States

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Dr Ramadhani Chambuso

Project Title: Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Human Papillomavirus Co-Infection and Host Molecular Genetics of Cervical Carcinoma

Country of Origin: Tanzania

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Miss Nolene Chetty

Project Title: Returning Individual Genetic Results to Research Participants: Experiences of Stigma in South African Families with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Country of Origin: South Africa

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Dr. Andrew Hale

Project Title: Integration of human genetics and multi-omics data implicates shared genetic architecture of the infectious disease phenome and neurodevelopmental traits

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Leolin Katsidzira

Project Title: Epidemiology, Genetic and Phenotypic Correlates of Colorectal Cancer In Zimbabwe

Country of Origin: Zimbabwe

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Ms Binata Marik

Project Title: Genetic study in patients with refractory rickets and hypophosphatemia

Country of Origin: India

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Ms Nabeelah Peerbhai

Project Title: Patient Perspectives of Sickle Cell Disease Care in Casualty Units of South African Hospitals

Country of Origin: South Africa

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